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Mission and vision


To create a “perfect world” for everyone through the provision of basic education, good drinking water and ensuring proper sanitation conditions in resource poor communities around the globe.


1. To provide sustainable and continued support in ensuring that everyone has access to
continuous, safe, sufficient, physically accessible, acceptable and affordable water for domestic and personal use.
2. To provide leadership in ensuring that people have access to improved sanitation by
focusing on key areas such as dirty streets, polluted rivers and open defecation, and ensuring
sustainability through recycling of the waste products.
3. To radicate all diseases associated with contaminated water and poor sanitation conditions in
deprived communities.

4. To aid individuals in resource poor countries to attain basic reading skills through the supply
of unused and/or used books and stationery and the building/equipping libraries.

At World Humanitarian Foundation, we regard the “Love for Mankind” as a duty.